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"Green Gold Sunflowers" Card

"Green Gold Sunflowers" Card

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This is an A2 card with a print of my painting, "Green Gold Sunflowers", on the front. All cards come with my logo on the back and sealed in a clear plastic sleeve with a matching envelope.

About the original:

Acrylic on wood panel, 6"x8", 2024

As with many of my sunflower pieces, I was inspired to create this for the Coppal House Farm Sunflower Festival in Lee, NH. For this piece, I chose to experiment with a limited palette of colors: Liquitex green gold, naphthol crimson, ivory black and titanium white. The green gold behaved as a warm yellow when mixed with white and a touch of crimson, and as a green when mixed with black. Black acted as my blue in this piece. I'm fascinated by color theory and the ways colors can behave unexpectedly, and this palette was a great example of that. 

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