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"The In-Between" Limited Edition Block Print

"The In-Between" Limited Edition Block Print

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Linoleum block print on paper

3"x6", paper measures 7"x10“, created 2024

The In-Between is inspired by the negative space between tree branches, best observed in winter at dawn or dusk. The tree becomes a silhouette of itself in the dim light, and the colors in between are exaggerated in contrast. The view remaining is a spectacular, colorful sky during an otherwise gray time of year.

This print uses the colors of Gilbert Baker’s pride flag design, or the visible light spectrum.

Each print is made by hand, using a rainbow roll technique on a hand-carved piece of linoleum to create an impression on black mix media paper. As it's handmade, there are slight variations between each print. Your order will include the highest number print in the edition of 18 that remains available. 

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