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"As Above, So Below" Print, 8x10

"As Above, So Below" Print, 8x10

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This is an 8"x10" print of my pastel painting, As Above, So Below. The top and bottom edges are full bleed and the left and right edges have an inch-or-so white strip, due to the difference in proportion between the size of the painting and the size in which I make prints. A custom mat in your 9"x12" or larger frame will solve this discrepancy. 

About the original:

Soft pastel on sanded pastel paper, 20.5"x36", 2023

From the series “Human / Nature”

This piece, along with its sisters "Blackwater" and "Elderglass", comes from a single fifteen-minute segment of time spent at the Blackwater River somewhere in NH. After a long weekend at a craft fair I was drained and not being a good friend to my helper. When a long dirt road opened up to this river glowing in autumn's beauty, I pulled over and we spent a few minutes letting nature restore us. It worked wonders at untangling days of stress and exhaustion. This trio is homage to that moment and to the pull of nature on the human spirit.

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