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"Tree 106" Original Pastel Painting

"Tree 106" Original Pastel Painting

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This is an original oil and chalk pastel painting on pastelbord, measuring 5"x7". This depicts my favorite tree on my commute home from Concord to Belmont, NH. It sits with its one dead stand companion in the middle of a rolling hilly field, with a farm (not pictured) in the distance. During the warmer months the golden hour light hits it just as I go by. 

Due to the delicate nature of pastels, I highly recommend framing this under glass. It will need a mat or spacer to make sure the glass does not touch the glass, which is good for most framed work. 

I will contact you after purchase to arrange pickup options if possible. I encourage you to opt for pickup, if you can, not only because it will save you the cost of shipping a piece but because it's the best way to guarantee the safety of the piece. 

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