• Artist Statement

    The experience of exploring a place drives my art. Being from the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, I reference the woods and mountains I call home, the ocean my family frequents, and traditional New England subject matter in my artwork. Even the most seemingly mundane places in my corner of the world hold excitement, which drives me to recreate my experience through the act of painting. Chalk pastels and mixing media allows me to build the world up in thick, tangible layers until I feel that excitement again. I do this best by rendering in a realistic way, with the occasional inclusion of bright, emotional colors. While my memory is personal and specific, the familiarity of places that feel very New England evoke a sense of nostalgia and wanderlust in others.


Jackie Hanson spent her childhood in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, raised in a family where art and creativity were always encouraged. While growing up, she became familiar with the beauty of the outdoors in New England: lakes, mountains, small farms, and plenty of day trips to the ocean. After first using pastels in high school, she rediscovered her love for them while in college, and the way they made her feel the same excitement in the studio as when exploring the natural world. Jackie graduated from New England College’s Institute of Art and Design in 2022 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and plans to continue her art practice as a career.

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